How to enjoy watching Formula 1 with family


Formula 1 is a sport for men, there is no question about it. However, most women don’t like it, and would do anything to avoid going to racetracks and observing Formula 1 races which, according to them, are nothing more than a bunch of cars going around in circles. So, how w to fix that? How to enjoy Formula 1 races with your wife and entire family in ease and without any fights? Well, here are some advices that may help you with that.

Offer something in return

Because women usually don’t like Formula 1 races, they do not enjoy watching them. However, if you, as a man, like these races, and wish to watch them with the person (or persons) you love, you could try offering something in return. For example, you could tell your wife that you’ll watch any movie she chooses later. Sure, you probably won’t like the movies, but just remember that she doesn’t like Formula 1 either. It will show her that you’ll do something for her, if she only does this one thing for you.

Get comfortable

10ttCulture-articleLargeIf your wife and kids (if you have them) really love you, the chances are that they will do many things they do not like, just to spend time with you. So, get as comfortable as you can with them, and remember what they did for you.

On the other hand, there are women who enjoy Formula 1 races, and like watching them. In these cases, it is much easier to make watching those races more enjoyable. These are just some tips that could make that watching even better, with the entire family around you.



Get prepared

Some people like watching Formula 1 in a comfortable place, with tasty snacks and a nice drink by their side. Therefore, find that comfortable place, let your whole family find a seat, and enjoy watching Formula 1 with snacks for everyone to share, and drinks for the whole family.

Talk about stuff300x168xF1-Travel-300x168.jpg.pagespeed.ic.lLkkorPswz

Even if you are a huge fan of Formula 1, do not spend each and every second watching the race. Talk with your family. These conversations don’t need to be long; they just need to show that you’re not ignoring the people around you, and that you’re interested in their lives. This will make the watching experience even more enjoyable and memorable, as it will be remembered as a nice memory by the whole family.


Make a bet with family

You could make s small bet with your family members. You could bet on the winner of the race, without money involved. It will help your family members become more interested in this sport, and will also help with the previous tip about talking with your family members.

Who says that watching Formula 1 with your family has to be a bad experience? By following the before mentioned tips and advices, watching Formula 1 races with your family members could be one of the best experiences in your lives.