How Formula 1 2016-2017 Season is Shaping Up

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg seem motivated to take things down to the wire in the 2016 season.  Things are so tense and it is surprising there are no crazy incidents that characterised the 2015 season. Nico seems determined to bag his first Formula One title but Hamilton is determined to take things down to the wire.

As the race comes to a close, why not look at how 2017 F1 season shapes up? The best way to do this is to look at those drivers who already have secured their seats and what we expect from them. Take a look:

1.     Max Verstappen; the New Era?

VerstappenDuring the Brazilian Grand Prix, Max’s iconic drive from 16th to the podium became the biggest talk of the race even pushing back Nico versus Hamilton tense race. The Dutch driver has become a sensation and at one time his aggressive driving has forced FIA to review the rules. Of course, the highlight of the Brazil GP was how he made mincemeat of an entire field of more experienced drivers including Vettel. If there is one reason people are going to the races, it must be to catch sight of Max Verstappen changing the rule book.

2.     Lewis Hamilton, the Deserving Champion?

Can an F1 driver get any better? Just when people were writing off Hamilton, he came back to form and proved everyone wrong. The Brit has had his lows during the first part of the season but the way he wins races makes Nico look like an amateur, sorry to say. Away with the theories about Mercedes sabotaging his races, but you have to agree his comeback is just too impressive to ignore.

3.     Daniel Ricciardo; Unappreciated?

If you are to list the five best drivers in Formula One 2016, then Daniel Ricciardo has to be one of the mentions. He has struggled in some races and it seems his competition with Max Verstappen has motivated him even more. The Australian is a great racer and with his frequent podium finishes, it is obvious there are big teams out there looking at his races.

4.     Nico Rosberg, The new Champion?

Is this the 2016 F1 champion? Could the German at last come out of Hamilton’s shadow? Could this be the start of a new reign in F1? So many questions and it seems only one race will determine this. Essentially, Rosberg has one hand on the title and even if Hamilton wins at Abu Dhabi, Nico could still beat him to the title even if he finishes third.

5.     Missing in Action

The 2017 F1 season is also going to be interesting as some names will be missing in action. Jenson Button and Felipe Massa will be the most notable missing names though the futures of several other drivers are unclear. Sergio Perez, Daniil Kvyat and Esteban Gutierrez are all doubtful. However, there are new entrants who are expected as groups such as Manor and Renault strive to get back into the game in the new season.

With changing ownership and new rules, the Formula One 2017 season is expected to be more interesting. As the season comes to a close, you can only hope things will end on a high note.